Montana, Oregon and Washington Boost Mimimum Wage—Sorry, Idaho


While 10 U.S. states saw their minimum wages bump up at the stroke of midnight this morning, Idaho workers on the bottom end of the wage scale weren't so lucky—they're still stuck at the federal wage baseline of $7.25.

Three of Idaho's neighbors, Montana, Oregon and Washington, each boosted their hourly minimum wages this morning.

In neighboring Washington, the minimum wage went up by 15 cents an hour to $9.19, nearly $2 more than Idaho. Automatic increases, shadowing inflation, continue to push up Washington's wages. In fact, of the 10 states that increased their mimimum wages, nine did so automatically to adjust for inflation.

Along with Washington, the changes occurred today in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

States are still allowed to set their own minimum wages. In the 10 states that raised their wages today, it's anticipated that nearly a million workers will benefit.