IBR: Simplot Persuades Idaho Ag Dept. to Exempt Company From New Rules


The Idaho Business Review reports that that the J.R. Simplot Company got its way with the Idaho Department of Agriculture, when the state agency backtracked on a commercial animal feed rule.

The ag department unveiled new rules in November, requiring producers and processors to follow higher standards when selling waste products as feed. The feed is required to be labeled and forwarded to the ISDA for approval before making its way into the marketplace.

But the IBR reports that officials with Simplot quickly pushed back and asked for a hearing in late November to argue against the new rules. Simplot officials said the new rules were "very problematic." McCain Foods, which also processes potatoes in Idaho, also argued against the new rules.

And indeed, ISDA reversed its earlier decisions, allowing Simplot and McCain to be exempt from the new standards.

The IBR's Sean Olson reports that the only formal protests against the exemption came from the American Feed Industry Association, National Grain and Feed Association and the Pet Food Institute. Those groups argued that the registration fees that Simplot and McCain would have paid under the guidelines were critical to fund the program, which provides cheap feed for cattle.