Boise State to Stay With Mountain West Conference


Boise State President Bob Kustra confirmed Monday afternoon that the university would remain in the Mountain West Conference for all MWC sports, including football, forgoing Boise State's earlier pledge to join the Big East.

"The remaining teams in the Big East and those about to join the Big East are fine programs with leadership that I have come to know and value greatly," said Kustra. "But I also appreciate the membership of the Mountain West Conference—many of whom are considered our traditional rivals—and look forward to our continued relationship."

Kustra pointed to a unique television deal with CBS Sports that the Mountain West crafted to entice Boise State to remain with the conference. Kustra said the arrangement "exceeds prior offers and carves our home football games from the conference media package and allows their sale on the market, with Boise State and the MWC as partners in the sale."

In return, Boise State and other MWC teams who may appear on national television (CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN) will be paid a bonus of $300,000 per game, with an additional $200,000 for a Saturday game.

"Finally, the MWC is implementing a system whereby any member whose football performance results in payments from the BCS to the conference will share directly in those revenues on a 50/50 basis with the conference," said Kustra.

The wrangling over which conference to land in has "been an odyssey for Boise State, with all the unexpected turns and changes that terms suggests," he said.

Ultimately, Kustra said the geographic footprint, revenue and national exposure won out in his decison to stay with the Mountain West.