Stop the Presses: Blogger Rips the Idaho Statesman a New One


A scathing column republished by the Tucson Journal on Dec. 27 has some choice words for Idaho, Republican Sen. Mike Crapo, and particularly the Idaho Statesman.

"Now I have some idea how Idaho comes to send us the senators they do, with newspapers like this helping to shape public opinion," wrote David Hall on his Liberty Musings Blog, aggregated by the Journal, which publishes a series of political blogs on the newspaper's website.

Hall takes the Statesman to task for its editorial, which came quickly on the heels of Crapo's drunken driving arrest in a Washington, D.C., suburb on Dec. 23.

"What happened to [Crapo] ... can happen to a lot of people, especially during the holiday season," wrote the Statesman. "Maybe he did't realize he had too much to drink when he left the social event."

But Hall lambasted the Statesman's editorial team:

"Mr. Editor, I can’t believe that you don’t see the story here. I think you’re purposely ignoring it and trying to spin this as best you can. This is not about a lapse in judgment of one drink too many on one night. You have to know that. This is about a man who has claimed to be a faithful Mormon and is not. This is a United States senator who has been living a lie for we don’t know how long. The senator is corrupt, and you are complicit by trying to sweep it under the rug.

I say this as one who has much in common with Sen. Crapo. I, too, am an LDS high priest. I am also a Republican. But I recognize that there have always been hypocrites in the Church, some of whom have risen, at times, to high position. This is why I do not automatically support LDS candidates, unlike many of my fellow Mormons. And there are many Republicans who lack integrity also. I would like to clean as many of them out of the Republican Party as we can, at least clean them out of public office. The country would be much better off."

Ultimately, Hall challenged the Statesman's integrity:

"I’ve learned that people who don’t have integrity themselves feel most comfortable with other people who don’t have integrity. They fear the honest, who may expose them. I am curious to know how the editorial board of the Stateman treats politicians with real courage, true 'Statesmen.' I would not be surprised to learn that they ream them mercilessly."

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports this morning that Crapo registered a blood alcohol content of 0.14, according to a law enforcement official, higher than the 0.11 BAC that was first reported on the morning after Crapo's arrest. The 0.11 BAC was registered at the scene of the arrest while the 0.14 BAC was registered shortly thereafter at an Alexandria jailhouse, where Crapo was escorted after his arrest.

A spokesman for Crapo told the AP that the senator won't fight the DUI charge when he is arraigned on Friday, Jan. 4.