What a Blast: Crews Detonate Giant Boulder Along Idaho Highway 95


Road crews are taking off a few days for the holidays but they'll be back on U.S. Highway 95—just south of Riggins—on Thursday, Jan. 3, to clean up what's left of a huge boulder that was the cause of great concern for motorists.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that contractors blew up the boulder, estimated to be 1,000 cubic yards, on Dec, 23, near milepost 1888 of Idaho's main north-south highway. The boulder was part of a rockslide that closed both lanes of U.S. 95 on Dec. 2.

According to an engineer with the Idaho Transportation Department, several of the rocks in the rockslide were "vehicle-sized."

Crews are expected to remove the last of the boulder's debris next week.