BW Preview: Lula's Christmas Wishes


Lula Coe and Angel Hernandez, one of the organizers of the December 15 Team Lula benefit concert
  • Lula Coe, right, and Angel Hernandez, one of the organizers of the Dec. 15 "Team Lula" benefit concert.

Nine-year-old Lula Coe is having a pretty great Christmas. Her friends even set up a Christmas tree at a Dec. 15 benefit concert so that attendees could bring some gifts and much needed items for her family.

"We're just so grateful for everyone's generosity," said Lula's mother, Kat Coe. "It's been overwhelming."

Lula is fighting something called Wilms' tumor, a cancer that typically occurs in children. The cancer invaded her kidneys and liver and now has made its way into her lungs. The Dec. 15 concert was deisgned to help Lula's family, who will require a lot of time in Salt Lake City, where the young girl is hoping to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

"We're figuring out how to do life with a distance," said Lula's mother.

In Wednesday's edition of Boise Weekly, we'll meet Lula and tell you how she insisted on sharing some of the concert's proceeds with the music-therapy program at St. Luke's hospital.