News: U of I Food Pantry to Address Hunger Among Student Body


The University of Idaho will begin 2013 by opening a new food pantry, addressing what it says is malnutrition among some of its low-income students.

The Moscow-Pullman News reports that the U of I will swing the doors open to the food bank on Tuesday, Jan. 15, on the first floor of the campus student union.

"We have many examples of students coming forward and needing additional financial assistance for a wide range of issues, " Bruce Pitman, U of I dean of students, told the News. "

An on-campus outreach and recruitment student coordinator told the News that some students' education was in jeopardy because of hunger.

"We started hearing stories about kids missing class in order to get food for their families or themselves, " said Maggie Hand with the U of I's Center for Volunteerism. "Students are struggling to make ends meet and fill their refrigerators. It's definitely something I see and I'm concerned about, so I'm grateful and excited for this food pantry."

The U of I Parents Association donated $2,000, and more than 650 pounds of food donations have been contributed to get the food pantry started.