Press-Tribune: Idaho Legislator Wants Statehouse Solution to Bujak-Type Mess


With a particular eye on the case against John Bujak, the former Canyon County prosecutor accused of making off with $236,000 in county funds, Caldwell Republican Sen. Jim Rice says he's working on a piece of proposed legislation that tightens the reins to avoid such issues.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that Rice's measure would allow counties to seek help from the state Attorney General's Office without declaring a conflict of interest. Rice said current law prevents the AG's office from intervening and requires county officials to use their own county prosecutor offices to get opinions about possible complaints.

"My personal opinion is, it never would have happened had the AG had authority to look into the situation, but they had none," Rice told the Press-Tribune. "I think [Canyon County commissioners] made a bad decision, but they had really bad advice, too. And they had it from someone they thought they could trust."