Mountain Express: Taxes on Properties of Sun Valley Mayor Listed As Delinquent


The mayor of Sun Valley insists that his delinquency of owing more than $6,400 in back taxes was a "misunderstanding."

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that a recent notice of past-due Blaine County taxes from 2009 includes Dewayne Briscoe, owing $6,272 for property in Sun Valley and $222 more for a garage in Ketchum.

Briscoe told the Mountain Express that his accountant assured him that all of his taxes had been paid.

"I will check into it and if I owe anything, it will be paid promptly," said Briscoe.

Briscoe said his son was responsible for putting properties into a trust but his son died last summer and that the delinquency was probably a "misunderstanding" or "oversight," according to the Mountain Express.

Blaine County property owners risk seeing their properties put up for auction if delinquent 2009 property taxes aren't paid by Jan. 14.