Idaho Jobless Rate Drops to 6.8 percent, Boise's Unemployment Number Drops to 6 Percent


Marking the sixth time in more than a year that Idaho's unemployment rate has dropped more than a single tenth, the Gem State's jobless rate dipped to 6.8 percent in November.

The Idaho Department of Labor reported this morning that total employment was up 1,500 from October to more than 722,000, the highest total since 2008 and 14,000 above November 2011. The number of workers without jobs fell 1,800 to less than 52,400.

Only five rural counties—all in northern and north-central Idaho—posted double-digit jobless rates in November, the number from October. Adams County continued to have the highest unemployment rate in Idaho: 16.1 percent.

Oneida County posted the lowest rate: 3.8 percent.

The Treasure Valley, including Boise and Nampa, registered a 6.4 percent jobless rate in November, down three-tenths of a percent from October and a full 2.9 percent drop from November 2011.

The City of Boise registered a 6 percent unemployment rate in November.