Press-Tribune: IEA Says Nampa School District is 'Acting Illegally'


The news coming from the Nampa School District just keeps getting worse.

The district, facing a $4.3 million budget shortfall after a series of bad accounting errors and the resignation of its superintendent, unveiled a series of austerity measures, including selling school property, instituting new fees for extracurricular activities, and a proposed supplemental levy in 2013. But another of its moves, turning to teachers to volunteer furlough days, is coming under fire from the Idaho Education Association.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that the IEA's general counsel, Paul Stark, has fired off a letter to Nampa School District Interim Superintendent Thomas Michaelson, saying the district "acted illegally" when it reworded teacher contracts, providing them the option to volunteer furloughs.

The Press-Tribune reports that Stark's letter claims the district is “requiring teachers within the school district to attend mandatory meetings, and then pressuring those teachers to accept a change in terms and conditions of their employment.” Stark said in the letter those tactics are “improper” and “illegal” and alleges the district is in violation of Idaho Code, according to the Press-Tribune.

School officials said they were consulting with their legal counsel regarding the letter.