Mountain Express: Sun Valley Cops Dropped Probe of Firehouse Break-In


A recently released report reveals that a February break-in at the Sun Valley Fire Department, where emails were deleted and work records went missing, "was not fully investigated."

The break-in was part of a string of troubling incidents involving Sun Valley government, including lawsuits against the city, countersuits filed by the city, resignations of city staff and city employes paced on administrative leave. A subsequent forensic audit found that the Sun Valley Fire Department had a "severe lack of control" with respect to credit card usage, and that some firefighters recorded more hours than they had worked.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that a 12-page report revealed that no investigation was launched following the break-in, "beyond taking statements from those reporting the incidents."

Sun Valley Police Chief Cam Daggett said he thought his department's investigation "was stopped" when he handed over files to Blaine County prosecutors.

"We felt someone else was going to be pursuing it," said Dagget.

But Sun Valley Mayor DeWayne Briscoe told the Mountain Express that the opposite was true and he had "asked Daggett on more than one occasion to continue the investigation."

The Mountain Express reports that Daggett was on vacation this week.