Major Winter Storm Disrupts Christmas Travel Plans


Relatives anxiously awaiting the arrival of holiday travelers at the Boise Airport over the next several days would be well advised to keep a close eye on the forecast and the airport's arrival schedule.

A fast-moving winter storm is heading across the nation, leaving blizzard warnings in its wake for a swath stretching from Colorado to Wisconsin.

“This is a massive system,” said NBC's Al Roker. “We’ve got watches and warnings that spread across 16 states, from New Mexico all the way to Wisconsin and Michigan.”

This morning, scores of flights at Denver International Airport were delayed for de-icing, triggering a back-up of flights that stretched through much of the day

According to the National Weather Service "strong, gusty winds accompanying the storm will bring blizzard conditions, making travel in the Rocky Mountain region hazardous."

The National Weather Service cautioned air travelers at America's busiest airports in the Midwest and East Coast that they would likely see delays over the next few days.

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