UPDATE: GBAD Chair Hy Kloc Reacts to Vice Chair Gail May's Resignation


UPDATE 1 p.m.

Greater Boise Auditorium District Board Chairman Hy Kloc told Citydesk that "it's a shame" that Vice Chair Gail May submitted her resignation to him Monday.

"She's going to be missed," said Kloc. " She had a great perspective of things that were going on with the board."

But Kloc said May's resignation indicated that she "didn't think she was making the kind of contributions she wanted to."

"She's been trying to do as much as she can to benefit the city and district, and it just seemed that things weren't going in the direction that she thought they would go and new blood might be the better way to go at this point," said Kloc.

Kloc said the GBAD board has 30 days to find a replacement.

"We're hoping to bring on somebody who would complement the other areas on the board," he said. "We already have a CPA, a banker and some community people. We're looking for someone like a hotelier, someone from the hospitality industry or someone from construction or development; somebody to bring a skill set that we don't have right now."

Kloc spoke to Citydesk from the Idaho Statehouse, where he's preparing for the launch of the 2013 Idaho Legislature. Kloc is the new Democratic House member representing Boise's District 16. He'll serve on the education and local government committees.

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Gail May (far right) resigned from the GBAD board December 17, which includes (left to right) Chairman Hy Kloc, Judy Peavey-Derr and Stephanie Astoriquia.
  • George Prentice
  • Gail May (far right) resigned from the GBAD board Dec. 17, which includes (left to right) Chairman Hy Kloc, Judy Peavey-Derr and Stephanie Astoriquia.

Following a few tumultuous years surrounding the Greater Boise Auditorium District, highlighted by allegations of open-meeting and ethics violations and conflicts with its own city's convention and visitors bureau, GBAD's vice chairman has resigned.

Citydesk learned that Gail May submitted a letter of resignation to GBAD Chairman Hy Kloc on Dec. 17.

"Yes, Ms. May submitted her resignation on Monday," Michael Davis, assistant executive director of the Boise Centre, told Boise Weekly this morning.

BW has chronicled the melodrama surrounding GBAD, including its November session (BW, News, "All My GBAD Children," Nov. 28, 2012), where GBAD Board Member Judy Peavey-Derr chided her colleagues by saying, "I would hope that we would act more like statesman and less like children." The meeting also included the revelation that the entity had few, if any, documented procedures on is disbursement authority.

"The board has 30 days from the announcement of [May's resignation] to pick a successor," said Davis.

May's current term expires in May 2015.

"Names would be submitted by [GBAD] board members and [the candidates] would go through due process of interviews," said Davis.