Boise Schools: One Lockdown, One Fire


It has been a challenging day at two Boise schools in the wake of one being put on lockdown and another being evacuated when smoke filled the building after an electrical malfunction.

Officials at Grace Jordan Elementary went into lockdown this morning when they learned that the father of one of the children was headed to the school. The man, whom Boise Police met at the school and placed into the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, had been the subject of an ongoing investigation and may have been suicidal. Police said the man was not a threat to others and was not armed.

The school was taken off of lockdown shortly after the incident.

Meanwhile, the Boise School District has decided to cancel classes for Tuesday, Dec. 18, at Hillside Junior High, after an electrical-system problem knocked out power to the school, sending students outside. Boise firefighters discovered that the electrical panel had sent out sparks, causing smoke and heat damage.

While electricians work on repairs, all classes and extracurricular activities scheduled for Tuesday have been canceled.