Boise Council May Make 'Smart' Parking Meters Permanent



It's been a full year since City of Boise planners unveiled an effort to make downtown parking meters a bit "smarter." And in April, the city quietly installed its next genteration of so-called "smart meters" on Bannock Street.

The e-meters, which included street sensors to detect the presence of a vehicle, appeared on downtown streets from May to June. Now, planners want to make them permanent.

A memo to Mayor Dave Bieter and the Boise City Council from Craig Croner, the city's administrative services manager, recommends that Boise purchase a series of single-space, sensored meters. Croner says the Downtown Boise Association and the Capital City Development Corporation have provided "letters of support confirming the direction of the city with regards to parking strategies and technology."

The council will take up the request at its midday meeting this coming Tuesday, Dec. 18.