Press-Tribune: Nampa Schools Pull Tires Out From Underneath Latchkey Kids


After turning to teachers and classified staff (janitors, nutritionists) for furloughs, considering the sale of school properties and the real possibility of a supplemental levy vote in 2013, the Nampa School District is taking its fiscal cleaver to transportation.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that beginning Monday, Jan. 7, Nampa will elimitate its bus routes for after-school programs at the Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club and the Nampa Recreation Center. The cuts are expected to affect the families of 220 students districtwide but will potentially save the district approximately $84,000.

The Nampa School District's budget mess began when officials had projected a nearly $2 million surplus during fiscal year 2011, when in fact, it operated on a $1 million deficit. School officials said the mistake "was camouflaged by $3 million in federal stimulus money that hadn't been budgeted for." District budget officials said that the stimulus money was "double budgeted." Additionally, state support was overbudgeted by nearly $1 million.

Because of the budget mess, Nampa School Superintendent Gary Larsen resigned from his post in late September.