Poll: Nonvoters Want to Access Ballot Box Via Internet


A new poll by USA Today/Ipsos indicates that 28 percent of nonvoters would be more inclined to participate in the electoral process if they could vote via the Internet.

“I’m interested if I have the time,” 25-year-old Lauryn Pyke, a graduate student at Idaho State University and mother of two young children told USA Today. “[Voting] doesn’t take precedence over everything else.”

In spite of record-breaking campaign spending, this year's presidential election attracted an estimated 57.5 percent of eligible voters, lower than in 2008 or 2004.

Among the findings of the USA Today/IPSOS poll:

-More would have supported Obama over Romney—44 to 26 percent—if they had voted.
-Six in 10 nonvoters said they felt "disenfranchised" from politics.
-Four in 10 nonvoters said other things prevented them from voting, such as work, travel or illness.