Four Boise Retailers Fail in Latest Underage Alcohol Sting


Boise Police, using three minors as decoys, conducted what it called "holiday season alcohol compliance checks" Thursday, spreading out to 53 locations.

And though the vast majority of retailers "are doing the right thing," according to BPD, four establishments failed. Two of the four clerks sold alcohol to a minor without asking for identification, and two more clerks asked for ID, but sold the alcohol to the minors anyway.

Those that failed were:

-Bueno Cheapo Wine Shop at 770 S. Vista Ave.
-Chevron Station at 12222 W. Overland Ave.
-Stinker Station at 3412 W. State St.
-Tesoro Station at 1522 W. State St.

A similar underage alcohol compliance check of 60 bars, restaurants and convenience stores on Nov. 9 found only one retailer selling alcohol to a minor.