Tea Partiers, Phil Hart Will Return to Capitol To Protest Insurance Exchange


Even though Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter announced Tuesday that he has opted to create a state-based health insurance exchange, the 2013 Idaho Legislature will have the final say.

"There will be a health insurance exchange in Idaho," wrote Otter, in his half-hearted endorsement, which he also used as another opportunity to slam Obamacare. "The only question is, who will build it."

But a group of Idahoans vehemently opposed to the Affordable Care Act, let alone a health care exchange, will take their arguments to the steps of the Statehouse later today, when they hope to get some attention from lawmakers, who are busily prepping their offices inside the Capitol in anticipation of the 2013 session.

The demonstration is sponsored by the Gem State Tea Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho, which includes former lawmaker Phil Hart, who lost his is seat in the Idaho House after he came out on the losing end of May's GOP primary while tangling with state and federal authorities over a tax bill amounting to more than $500,000.