Sun Valley Residents React to Audit: 'I'm Ashamed of the City'


Alleging that the city's image has been muddied, Sun Valley citizens gave their elected officials an earful during a packed hearing Dec. 6.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that "tensions were high on both sides of the council members' desk and [Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne] Briscoe employed frequent gavel tapping to keep the conversation orderly.

A recently released forensic audit of Sun Valley records unveiled what auditors said was misuse of public funds, firefighters recording more hours than they had worked, and a "severe lack of control" with respect to credit card usage.

“People working for the city need to be monitored—they can’t be left alone,” said Sun Valley resident Paul Connolly, according to the Mountain Express.

Another resident, Peggy Tierney, said she was embarrassed by the negative publicity, according to the Mountain Express.

“I’m ashamed of the city,” she said.