Ombudsman Report: Boise Police Officer Justified in Fatal Shooting


An investigation from the Boise Police Department's ombudsman has concluded that law enforcement followed proper procedure in a May shooting death, considered to be "suicide by cop."

Troy Epperley was armed outside of a garage on North Spakford Way on May 31, when police responded to 911 calls from Epperley and his estranged wife.

Investigators said Epperley had texted his estranged wife that he was intending to commit "suicide by cop." Epperley's message to 911 gave dispatchers the address of a house across the street from where he was. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, the ombudsman's report indicates that police "had their backs to Epperley."

But when Epperley, holding a pistol, approached the officers, police instructed him to stop and drop his weapon. When he refused, Epperley was shot once in the abdomen. Officers began first aid but Epperley died a short time later at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center.

Boise Police Ombdusman Pierce Murphy indicated in his report that Boise Police Officer Matt Jacobs, a five-year veteran of BPD, was justified in shooting Epperley.