Press-Tribune: Nampa Principal Warns of Shutdown if Proposed Levy Fails


A special panel tasked with wading through the financial swamp that is the Nampa School District reconvened Wednesday to craft formal recommendations to the district's school board to help bridge a $4.3 million budget shortfall.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that the committee is prepared to recommend that the district turn to Nampa citizens to support a one-year $4.3 million supplemental levy and then restructure the district's bond debt, which could, in turn, result in a zero percent net tax increase.

One committee member said there was great risk in the levy vote, in that the district would have "no money left" six weeks after the vote.

"At that point, we would have no option, I believe as a district, to simply say at this point, then, we're shutting school down. We're done," Nampa High School Principal Pete Koehler told the Press-Tribune.

The district's budget debacle resulted in the resignation of district Superintendent Gary Larsen in September and Deputy Superintendent Josh Jensen on Nov. 20.

The options will be laid out at the next meeting of the Nampa School District board on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 11.