CATCH Inc. Launches Drive For Matching Funds to Serve Homeless


Officials at CATCH, Inc.—who recently established an independent nonprofit separate from the City of Boise's CATCH program—are anxiously manning their phone banks today in anticipation of donations that could trigger matching grants of up to $16,500. With a goal of 100 donations of $25 or more today, CATCH, Inc. staff had already received 14 donations by 10 a.m.

CATCH, Inc. recently opened offices on Americana Boulevard, promising to serve as many as 20 homeless families in Ada and Canyon counties at any given time.

But the City of Boise is continuing to operate its own CATCH program using the same acronym and same model for providing long-term housing to homeless families.

CATCH, Inc., the new nonprofit, has designs on expanding its operations across Idaho.

"We would love to have CATCH, Inc. statewide," said Ross Mason, CATCH, Inc. board member and regional director of Southwest Idaho's 10 counties for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. "Twin Falls is the next logical place, and now it's on the horizon."