BW Video Preview: Brick Oven Bistro Owner Talks About the Last Suppers


There were plenty of hugs and tears during the last supper just before the Brick Oven Bistro closed its doors for good on Nov. 25. But co-owner Stephanie Telesco is busier than ever.

After running the iconic Boise restaurant with her husband, Jeff Nee, Telesco is preparing for a public sale of all of the plates, flatware, fixtures and art, slated for this coming Saturday, Dec. 8. She has also been watching a number of local restaurateurs tour her location as a possible spot for relocation.

"Let’s put it this way. If you had a list of local restaurants, most of them on that list are probably interested in this space," said Telesco.

In Wednesday's edition of Boise Weekly, we talk to Telesco about what she would like to see go into that space, her plans for a new cookbook, and the approximately 4,800 people who have worked for her over the years.