KTVB: Students Worried About Poor Neighborhood Lighting Near Boise State


Boise State officials have sent an email to students, faculty and staff, urging extra caution in the wake of a Nov. 18 sexual assault south of the campus. That's where a woman reported being attacked as she was walking south on University Drive near Manitou Street. She described her assailant as a light-skinned male in his early 20s with short dark hair and scruffy facial hair.

But at least one coed says the email wasn't enough. Talking to KTVB-TV, the student said the email didn't address what she called "the lack of lighting on Monitou and the neighboring streets."

"It didn't address the situation at hand because it was saying how to be safe on campus and how to be safe in well-lighted areas," the Boise State senior told KTVB. "When I leave campus and I walk across the street on Manitou and I can't see my car and I can't see who's coming five feet away, that scares me."

The student said her parking dilemma isn't unique because a number of other students, also taking night classes at Boise State, can't afford or choose not to buy a parking pass.