NY Times: 'It's Payback Time' For Young Immigrants Wanting Reform


In the shadow of President Barack Obama's re-election, in which he secured a lion's share of Latino votes, this morning's New York Times reports that "an extensive and surprisingly adroit movement of youthful immigrants" are looking to Obama to make good on a promise to help craft a bill to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States and give them a path to citizenship.

"Now, movement leaders say, it is payback time," writes the Times' Julia Preston. "This time, the young immigrants are a rising force, and they seek legisltion to give them a direct and permanent path to citizenship."

This weekend, more than 600 leaders—some without legal status—are meeting in Kansas City, Mo., to build new strategies to "keep the heat on the White House and Congress" during an upcoming immigration fight, according to the Times.

Obama's path to re-election included aggressive door-knocking campaigns led by those immigrants, who could not vote, mobilizing many Latinos who could, and they rewarded the president with 71 percent of their votes.