Mountain Express: Judge Rules Police Botched Blood Alcohol Test on Another Cop


The assistant chief of police in Sun Valley is set to face a jury trial on Jan. 22, but a key piece of evidence, the blood alcohol test, has been ruled to be inadmissible because police botched the standard operating procedures.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that Blaine County Magistrate Judge Jason Walker ruled that police did not follow appropriate procedures in administering the BAC. Hailey police had initially reported that Sun Valley Assistant Chief Michael Crawford's BAC was .18 on Aug. 11, more than twice the legal blood-alcohol limit for driving in Idaho.

Crawford is charged with backing into a parked vehicle three times on Aug. 11 before being stopped, failing three field sobriety tests and tested with a breathalyzer.

The Mountain Express reports that Crawford remains on active duty with the Sun Valley Police Department.