Mountain Express: Ketchum Mayor Wants to Redouble Effort for Air Tax


Some Sun Valley officials are certain that the narrow margin in the Nov. 6 vote on whether to introduce a new local-option tax to grow and maintain commercial air service to the region is reason enough to keep the effort alive.

The new tax would have required a 60 percent voter approval, and while Sun Valley voters approved the levy, only 59 percent of Hailey voters said "yes" and 58 percent of Ketchum voters approved.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that Ketchum Mayor Randy Hall wants to regroup in January to continue pursuing the initiative.

"While I'm disappointed the LOT for air didn't pass, I'm happy it got 58 percent," Hall said at a Nov. 19 meeting. "We're going to redouble our efforts to move this ball forward."

The Mountain Express reports that Idaho code requires officials to wait for one year before reintroducing a measure.