State Journal: Pocatello Next In Line to Add the Words


While the City of Boise moves closer to enacting an anti-discrimination ordinance (the second reading of the measure was held Tuesday), official in Pocatello are preparing an ordinance of their own that would provide anti-discrimination safeguards based on a person's sexual identity.

Boise Weekly was first to report that Boise officials were preparing to extend nondiscrimination protections for gender identity and sexual orientation, and in an emotion-packed, five-hour hearing, citizens turned out in droves to support the measure with only a handful of speakers voicing their opposition.

The Idaho State Journal reports that Pocatello officials are drafting their own ordinance that could be ready for public review and debate next spring. But the Journal reports that some eastern Idaho advocates are urging leaders to speed up the process.

"We've got to keep this in the forefront," Muriel Roberts, of the League of Women Voters and Too Great to Hate, told the Journal. "Nobody should be in fear of losing their home or their job or being denied services in Pocatello. This is too good of a town. Pocatello needs to step up to this ... so it can be the kind of welcoming community we want it to be."