Only One Boise Server Fails in Check of Underage Alcohol Sales at 60 Retailers


Boise Police are pointing to what they call "encouraging news" in the wake of their latest alcohol sales compliance check. The check, aimed at preventing underage drinking, took place Nov. 9, using four teens, aged 17 to 19, working with officers and using their real Idaho driver's licenses to attempt to purchase alcohol.

Of the 60 bars, restaurants and convenience stores that were checked throughout the city, only one business failed.

Boise Police said a server at the Idaho Pizza Company on Broadway Avenue checked the actual ID of a 19-year-old female but still sold her alcohol.

"These results are extremely encouraging and they show that our increased training and education and follow-up enforcement efforts are reaching people and making a difference," said Officer Jermaine Galloway, Alcohol Compliance officer for the Boise Police Department.