Study: Only Five Idaho Counties Post Budgets on Websites


This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that a new study, issued by The Sunshine Review, "slams Idaho's counties for their websites," listing little—and in some cases, none at all—information on budgets, public meetings and contracts.

In fact, The Sunshine Review reports that eight Idaho counties have no website at all: Benewah, Butte, Camas, Carribou, Clark, Lincoln, Nez Perce and Shoshone counties.

The Sunshine Review reports that of Idaho's 44 counties, only five post budgets online and only 21 include information about public government meetings. According to the study, none of the county websites provides information about contracts with county vendors and only seven give information on how to request public records.

The Sunshine Review gives Ada County high marks for listing budget and meeting information on the county website, but faults it for not listing contracts over $10,000, not keeping archives of budgets for more than three years, and having no phone number for one of Ada County's three commissioners.