Inmate Brawls End in Lockdown at Ontario Prison


Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon.
  • Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon.

Oregon law enforcement has placed the Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario on modified lockdown following multiple disturbances at the prison. With the exception of the prison's minimum security facility, all areas of the institution remain under modified lockdown. Prisoners are being allowed visitations, but have no access to phones.

Prison officials said multiple altercations broke out Thanksgiving afternoon in various areas of complex three, one of the institution's general population areas. Guards said inmates refused to break up fighting and that's when a warning shot was fired. When staff responded to the initial altercations, more fighting broke out in the corridor and housing units of complex three. Officials said more inmate-on-inmate fights broke out over the period of an hour.

Ultimately a total of 50 inmates were moved to special housing. One of the inmates required outside medical treatment. Additionally, one staff member required medical attention.

Oregon State Police are investigating the incidents.