Video: The Myth That is Black Friday



Black Friday is nothing to lose sleep over.

At least one national researcher says that unbelievable shopping deals on the day after Thanksgiving are, quite often, a mirage.

“The bottom line, it is a myth," said Mike Fridgen, CEO of "Sleep in on Black Friday. Shop online from your couch in the comfort of your own home." teamed up with the Wall Street Journal to crunch some Black Friday numbers and found that in nine of the 11 most popular categories, "Black Friday is anything but the cheapest day of the year." reports that only 30 percent of the “doorbusters” on Black Friday were actually a good deal. Decide found that certain products are cheaper at different times of the year. For example, high-end luxury items are discounted earlier, while laptops drop in price in December. In fact, reports that you can expect to save 20 percent—or approximately $55—if you wait until the week before Christmas to buy a laptop. Other items expected to drop prices in December are blenders, juicers and microwaves.