Idaho Legislator Donna Pence Cited Following Crash


Donna Pence, 70, serves District No. 25 in the Idaho House.
  • Donna Pence, 70, serves District 25 in the Idaho House.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that Gooding Democratic Rep. Donna Pence was cited by the Blaine County Sheriff's Office following a Nov. 15 automobile crash, south of Bellevue.

Pence said she was traveling north on Idaho Highway 75, on her way to meetings in Hailey. Pence said she was changing a CD when she "looked up and was headed for a pole."

Blaine County sheriff's deputies said the pole was sheared off in the accident, causing $5,000 damage, and that two other vehicles each sustained approximately $1,000 in damage from downed power lines or debris from the collision. Pence's vehicle, a 2010 Toyota Prius, was reported to be a total loss.

Sheriff's deputies said Pence's vehicle "crossed the lane of travel, ran off the road and hit the power pole and a fence."

Pence was issued a citation for failure to maintain her lane of traffic, according to the Mountain Express.