Commenters' Suggestions for Suspected Monkey Killer: Stoning, Being Fed to Animals


Boises Patas Monkey gets memified.
  • Boise's Patas Monkey gets memified.

As of Tuesday morning, nearly 600 people have liked or commented on a BW Facebook post about the arrest of Michael Watkins for the killing of a monkey at Zoo Boise.

And a great many of them have some brutal suggestions for what should be done to Watkins. Spoiler alert: none of them mentions a trial.

Scott Lee: "They should put a female gorilla outfit on the guy and let the male gorillas rape him!!!!"

Courtney Milberger: "Public stoning!"

Marti Bridges: "The persons should be locked in a gated fence and the public should be allowed to piss on them. They should also be forced to wear signs at City Hall and the zoo that say, "I'm a total dumbass and I killed a harmless decent gentle primate."

John Dadabay: "He needs to wear an orange jumpsuit that says Ada County Primate for a very long time."

Victoria D. Hamlin Kerpa: "Fresh meet for the tigers."

Arnold Sharp: "AMEN AMEN AMEN........get him up against the wall....."

Boise law enforcement took none of those suggestions and decided to charge Watkins for the crime. But Watkins has yet to be charged with anything resembling animal cruelty. Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson insisted Monday night that the investigation is continuing.