Boise State Football's Conference Status Spins the Rumor Mill


Rumors and second-guessing continue to swirl around the Boise State football program today in the shadow of Rutgers' announcement that is is deserting the Big East conference in favor of the Big Ten.

Boise State is scheduled to join the Big East on July 1, 2013, as a football-only member, but if it does not officially join, Boise State must pay a $10 million penalty.

Boise State's olympic sports programs, meanwhile, have found a new home in the Big West Conference beginning in 2013.

ESPN is reporting that Boise State is mulling its options in conversations with San Diego State and BYU, who by this time next year, were all slated to abandon the Mountain West Conference for greener (as in TV money) pastures. Additionally, USA Today is quoting Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson as saying Mountain West athletic directors are chatting.

"Athletic directors talk, the coaches talk, their presidents talk," said Thompson. "Today's announcement (regarding Rutgers) came very quickly. Everyone is trying to assimilate it. It will be interesting to see how it plays out."

But Boise State President Bob Kustra made a point of issuing a statement saying, "Boise State has had no discussions with the Mountain West Conference." Kustra added that Boise State was regularly communicating with the Big East in an effort "to strengthen the conference by adding members who can contribute."