Salon Features Labrador's Logic in 10 Reasons GOP Thinks Party is Dysfunctional


An article this morning on the Salon website, 10 Reasons Republicans Think Their Party's Dysfunctional, includes Idaho GOP Congressman Raul Labrador's Sunday appearance on NBC's Meet the Press.

The article features what Salon calls "some of the Republican Party's leading lights" giving their reasons why the "party failed so miserably" in the Nov. 6 election.

Author Adele Stain wrote that Labrador displayed "his neo-libertarian streak" at the Nov. 18 Meet the Press roundtable, suggesting "that the party's problem is that it just talks the small-government, no-handout game, but when it comes to corporations, government and subsidies rule."

Labrador told a national television audience Sunday that, in fact, presidential contender Mitt Romney wasn't really a conservative:

"I think the problem that Romney had throughout the campaign is that he couldn’t talk about conservatism like conservatives talk. As I heard somebody say, he talked about conservatism as if it was a second language to him."

Labrador made Salon's Top 10 list of Republicans—each prescribing his or her own comeback philosophy—including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindl, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, conservative pundit Bill Kristol and columnist Peggy Noonan.