Seattle Police Use Social Network to Answer Pot Legalization Questions


With less than three weeks before the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in Washington, Seattle Police are turning to the social network to help communicate "dos" and "don'ts."

This morning's New York Times reports that the Seattle Police Department is sponsoring a blog written by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, a former crime reporter with Seattle's alternative weekly The Stranger.

Here are a few questions and answers from the blog:

Question: What happens if police pull you over after Dec. 6 (the day the law takes effect) and you're sober but police smell that bag of Super Skunk in your trunk?
Answer: The smell of pot alone will not be reason to search.

Question: Dec. 6th seems like a really long ways away. What happens if I get caught with marijuana before then?
Answer: Hold your breath.

Question: Seattle Police seized a bunch of my marijuana before [the law] passed. Can I have it back?
Answer: No.

Question: I’m under 21. What happens if I get caught smoking pot?
Answer: It’s a violation of state law. It may be referred to prosecutors, just like if you were a minor in possession of alcohol.

Question: Will police officers be allowed to smoke marijuana?
Answer: As of right now, no.

“Marijuana legalization creates some challenges for the Seattle Police Department,” Spangenthal-Lee wrote. “But SPD is already working to respond to these issues head on.”