Video: Idaho Man Tasered in Court After Bicycle Stop


This morning's Coeur d'Alene Press chronicles the bizarre tale of a north Idaho man who ran afoul of the law, starting with a traffic stop for not having a light on his bicycle and ending with a taser shock for using a video camera in a courtroom.

Robert Peterson, 22, returned to a Kootenai County courtroom Wednesday, but it wasn't his first appearance.

Peterson was stopped in July by Kootenai County sheriff's deputies for not having a light on his BMX-style bicycle while riding at night through the City of Hayden. When he went to court in August with video camera rolling, Peterson was confronted by bailiffs, who eventually tasered him after he refused to stop recording the proceedings. Taking videos in a courtroom must first have the approval of the judge.

Check out the video below.

The Press reports that yesterday, Peterson entered an Alford plea (not admitting to guilt but acknowledging evidence exists that could lead to conviction) for a misdemeanor charge of contempt-of-court.

Ultimately, Kootenai County Judge O. Lynn Brower sentenced Peterson to 180 days in jail, giving him credit for 26 days already served, and spending the remaining days. Peterson was also placed on one year probation and ordered to pay court costs of $150.

But the Press reports that Peterson almost ended up in the slammer again when he refused to stand as the judge entered the courtroom.