Regional Wheat Farmers Listen to Harsh Remarks at Idaho Meeting


A regular critic of Idaho farmers stepped into the lion's den Tuesday, when he gave the keynote address at a regional grain growers convention in north Idaho.

The Spokesman-Review reports that Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group stood before hundreds of regional wheat farmers, gathered at the Coeur d'Alene Resort for their annual meeting.

According to the Spokesman-Review's John Stucke:

"Some farmers sat with their arms crossed, unhappy with most everything Cook represents: more conservation; more money to support organic agriculture; labeling food made with genetically engineered ingredients; fewer dollars to corporate farms; tougher restrictions on fertilizers and pesticides [and] deeper support for food stamp programs that now help 47 million Americans—half of them children."

Cook also took aim at the Obama administration for what he called "secrecy," accusing USDA leaders of limiting information sought under the Freedom of Information Act.