Options to Upgrade Sun Valley Airport Include Moving Highway, Stopping Traffic for Landings


Modifying the Wood River Valley's Friedman Memorial Airport to accommodate more commercial air service would cost a princely sum, according to a new report, with price tags ranging anywhere from $38.4 million to as much as $149.4 million.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that an aviation consulting firm presented seven different modification options to the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority, including major renovations such as changing runways and even rerouting some of Highway 75.

The airport has been put on notice from the U.S. government that it must bring its runway safety into new compliance standards by the end of 2015.

An alternative to moving the highway, which could cost up to $37 million, according to the report, would be stopping traffic on Highway 75 at a traffic light each time a large aircraft landed or took off.

One of the cheaper options, costing approximately $38.4 million, could result in the airport losing a significant amount of aircraft parking and hangar space, according to the Mountain-Express.

A previous report indicated that building a new airport to serve the Sun Valley area could cost up to $370 million.