Fish and Game Prepares for Another Wolf Trapping Season


While the majority of Idaho voters decided Nov. 6 to confirm hunting, fishing and trapping as a state constitutional right, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is set to begin another wolf trapping season this Thursday, Nov. 15, in sections of Idaho's panhandle, the Hells Canyon area, the Lolo, Dworshak, Selway and Middle Fork zones, and the McCall-Weiser zone.

Hunters are required to complete a wolf trapping class before they can buy wolf trapping tags, and they may buy up to five tags per trapping season. Only three wolf trapping tags may be used in some sections of the McCall-Weiser zone. Wolf tags cost $11.50 for resident hunters, and $31.75 for nonresidents.

Fish and Game reminds pet owners to know to how to release a pet that may get caught in a foothold trap or neck snare.

Trapping is prohibited within five feet of the center line of all maintained designated public trails. Ground traps are also prohibited within 300 feet of any designated public campground, picnic area or trailhead.