Investigation Under Way After Stunt Bears Maul Montana Man


A photo shoot with a bear from Animals of Montana
  • Animals of Montana
  • Animals of Montana, located in Bozeman, rents out predators like this grizzly bear for movies and photo shoots.

A Montana company that leases bears, leopards and tigers for movies and professional photography shoots was ordered Nov. 9 to kill the second of two bears involved in the fatal mauling of a trainer.

The Associated Press reports that Animals of Montana, which charges hundreds of dollars for the use of the wildlife to Hollywood productions and world-class photographers, keeps approximately 50 predators at its Bozeman, Mont., location.

On Nov. 4, a trainer was killed by two bears while cleaning the animals' pen at the Bozeman location. One bear was immediately shot, and Montana Fish and Wildlife has ordered that the second be destroyed. Additionally, the AP reports that the state has ordered the company not to take any animals off-site for filming while an investigation is pending.

The company's website says the bears were used "in attack re-enactments" for films.