North Idaho Candidate Mulls Recount in 123-Vote Loss


All of the election night balloons, posters and cocktail napkins have long been cleared away, but at least one Idaho election is still a bit too close to call for one Statehouse candidate.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that in the race for House Seat A in northern Idaho's Legislative District 5, Republican Cindy Agidius eeked out a victory over Democrat Paulette Jordan by 123 votes. That's above the 20-vote margin that automatically triggers a recount.

But the Tribune reports that Jordan may still ask for a recount, with a decision expected to come later today. An official recount request can't be made until Latah County commissioners canvas the election results, and that won't happen until Tuesday, Nov. 13. Any request would then be submitted to the Idaho Attorney General's Office.

The Tribune reports that a requested recount would also cost $100 per precinct, plus costs for a representative from the Attorney General's Office to travel to Latah County to help administer the recount. There are 44 precincts in District 5. If the vote changes "substantially," the requesting candidate is refunded their fee.

The Tribune reports that Latah County election workers had problems "with a loose belt on its counting machines" on election night, delaying results.