AP: No Charges Against ISU Coach in Shoving Incident


There will be no criminal charges files against an Idaho State University football coach who was suspended following a shoving incident involving one of his players.

The Associated Press reports that City of Pocatello prosectors "called it a tough decision," but didn't believe ISU head football coach Mike Kramer had any intention of harming student player Derek Graves "or committing a criminal act."

The shoving incident went viral when ESPN posted a video of Kramer running toward a player on the field, shoving him with two hands, and sending the player to the turf. Graves said he suffered neck and back spasms after the incident.

Pocatello attorney Dean Tranmer told the AP that another factor in deciding not to prosecute was that Graves didn't file a police complaint until 11 days after the incident.

Meanwhile, Graves was suspended from the team indefinitely last week for violation of team rules. Coaches said Graves had showed up late for practice.