Election 2012: The GOP Candidate's Drink of Choice


The duo Swingin with Ellie Shaw subdued the bar crowd at the Riverside Hotel.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • The duo Swingin' with Ellie Shaw subdued the bar crowd at the Riverside Hotel.

Idaho's Republican Party supporters assembled at the Riverside Hotel Tuesday night, filling a large room with anxious voters and politicians.

But away from the television cameras, a small group of people sat at the hotel's Bar 365 near the front desk. A television above the bar broadcast barely audible MSNBC coverage, until one patron asked the staff to change the channel to CNN.

Pouring drinks were Nancy Terrell and Zephyr Christensen, both sporting white "I voted" stickers, but largely ignoring the television above the bar.

"We're really busy here, so we've kinda gotta go back and forth," said Terrell. "Today, I voted across the street from my house, so I waited until there weren't too many cars and I popped over."

On the bar's menu was a conspicuous Election Night special. Near the bottom of the list of drink specials, for $2.25, visitors could snag a glass of whole milk, the "Mitt Romney: The GOP Candidate's Drink of Choice." Much of the crowd stuck with cocktails and wine.

"I've voted in every election since I was 18," said Christensen.

She re-registered to vote this year after marrying and moving three months ago. However, she and her new husband don't agree "at all" on the issues, she said.

"We both know each other's views, so we don't fight about it much," she said.

Not far from the bar, Kiley and Ellie Shaw, comprising the duo Swingin' with Ellie Shaw, wore red, white and blue and crooned jazz numbers for the subdued crowd.