Election 2012: Pool Reflections, Soaring Ovation and Plenty of Beer


Reflections from Election Night 2012.

At Tuesday's Democratic Election Night gathering at the Boise Hotel and Convention Center, a massive television projection shone across the hotel's pool. At first, viewers found the sight intriguing but as President Barack Obama delivered a stirring victory speech deep into the evening, some said the scene began to resemble the iconic Washington, D.C., reflecting pool on the National Mall.

While Tuesday night's speech may not go down in history books like Martin Luther King Jr.'s oratory on the National Mall or even Obama's inaugural address four years ago on the same site, a number of Idaho Democrats said last night's speech was Obama's "best ever."

Obama's speech, which included soaring phrases like "We rise and fall as one nation," and "The best is yet to come," were met with large ovations from the Boise crowd, estimated to be around 500.

A wide swath of Idaho's demographics were represented at the Democratic celebration: Newborns were carried by their mothers; senior citizens sat on the sidelines to watch the events; and almost every age in between mingled with drinks in hand. Playing to the joyous nature of the event, some especially happy attendees even jumped in the pool. Others, who were previously happy, were thrown in.

Listening to the speeches and election results from a corner of the room was another popular figure of the evening: Trent Hill.

The spiky haired bartender said it was "more of a wine and vodka night, with rum drinks few and far between." But a quick glance around the room proved that Idaho still loves the classics: Bud Light and Miller Genuine Draft bottles littered table tops and trash cans.

A strong scent of alcohol and an even stronger scent of chlorine provided an aromatic setting usually reserved for Spring Break. But more than a few took note that the the evening also smelled of victory.