Election 2012: Meet The New Dems of District 19


When Democratic Sen. Nicole LeFavour announced earlier this year that she would leave the Statehouse in order to wage a campaign against incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Simpson (LeFavour lost Tuesday night), and Democratic Rep. Brian Cronin announced that he was stepping away from the Legislature, the future of District 19, encompassing much of Boise's downtown and North End, was up for grabs.

But by early this morning, Democrats had safely secured all three Statehouse positions in the district.

Rep. Cherie Buckner-Webb decided to run for LeFavour's open Senate seat and won with ease Tuesday night over Republican Paul Nelson O'Leary.

And the district will also introduce two of the youngest members to the Idaho Legislature as Mat Erpelding and Holli High Woodings cruised to their respective victories for the Idaho House.

When Boise Weekly sat down with Woodings in June, she said that the Republican Party's "war on women" was of particular concern to her neighbors.

"It really resonates and it transcends party lines," she said. "When the Republicans introduced the ultrasound bill, it disenfranchised so many women. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Republicans bring it back next year."

Woodings said politics wasn't in her bloodline.

"My gosh, no," she said with a laugh. "I come from a family of loggers. But I have a drive to make things better."