Vandals Hit Public Art Displays in Ketchum


Ketchum police say they're "very serious" about an investigation into public and private property vandalized by large stickers that read, "Who's paying for this? We do!!!"

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that the stickers showed up in a number of locations, including on public art sponsored by the Ketchum Arts Commission. Private businesses were also targeted.

The Ketchum Arts Commission recently funded the creation of cover art to be placed over the city's utility boxes.

But the vandals may want to check their facts. For example, the cover art on a targeted utility box was actually sponsored and paid for by Atkinsons' Markets.

"It even says so right next to where the vandal placed the sticker," said Jennifer Smith, Ketchum Arts Commission member.

Another commission member said she witnessed a vandal applying a sticker to another art box, yelled at the suspect, and reported the incident to Ketchum police.

“I think there are other ways to protest than by vandalizing the city art boxes and private property,” Ketchum Police Chief Steve Harkins told the Mountain Express.